About Us

Parents and Coaches Need a High-Quality “Affordable” Machine!

All parents and coaches desire the best equipment and training tools for their athletes. But far too often the best is simply not affordable! The Volleyball Machine was designed as the first “affordable” high-quality automatic machine to enter the volleyball scene. Priced at 65-85% less than the competition, TVM allows all athletes to get MAX Reps and achieve MAX Performance without breaking the bank.


Our Story

As a lifelong long inventor and Volleyball father, Rick Rood noticed that two of his daughter’s teammates were progressing at a faster pace than other athletes. After further investigation, it turns out that both “sisters” spent hours on backyard volley, pepper and hitting drills which dramatically improved their game. For most volleyball athletes, finding a willing and able partner can be challenging. So, Rick decided to purchase an automatic ball machine to help with his daughter’s training. After researching current products on the market, it was clear that a safe, high quality automatic machine was WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! In fact, the only high-quality solution was a big and bulky $4,000 machine. Ricks inventor instincts took over, so instead of buying the big and bulky expensive machine, he decided to build one himself. Thus, The Volleyball Machine (TVM) was created so every athlete can get MAX Reps and achieve Max Performance whiles paying 65-85% less!