When it comes to mastering any skill, everyone knows the old saying—practice makes perfect. This is especially important for those who play sports. Many don’t realize that weekly team practices are not enough, and to truly master any skill, a player needs to work on their game when they are at home too. Anyone who plays a team sport knows that practicing alone is not as productive nor as fun. This is especially true for volleyball players who need someone to serve them a ball.
Although there are many machines available on the market, our founder noticed that there was a significant gap between affordability and features. Often, these machines cost thousands of dollars, offering some useful features, but also lacking a complete package to justify the price. From this realization, The Volleyball Machine was created. In this article, we will discuss how The Volleyball Machine compares to other machines that are out on the market, and how it brings together affordability and functionality.

Attack Volleyball Machines

One of the oldest players in the market is the Sports Attack volleyball machines. These machines are able to provide realistic, hard spin serves as well as over-the-net spikes for digging drills. It was designed to replicate every aspect of the game, and for the most part, it does it well. However, that does not mean that it comes without any cons.
The first thing you will notice is that the cost of one of these machines ranges from $1,299 for the entry-level model, all the way up to $3,999 for their top-of-line machine. Furthermore, there are some features that are missing from the package:

  • The machine is large and not easy to move without the help of another person
  • Does not have a battery option, which further limits its portability
  • Each ball must be placed in the machine manually
  • Does not have a random setting as a training option
  • The wheels that drive the launch mechanism can damage the balls

AirCAT Drill Machine

While the Sports Attack volleyball machines have tiered pricing, the AirCAT Drill Machine is a one package deal. When it comes to safety, this machine beats out the Sports Attack product for there aren’t any exposed wheels or mechanisms that can cause injury to an individual or the balls. It uses an air delivery system, holds ten balls, is operated by a battery, and has a wireless remote control for launching balls. However, it lacks certain features for the price of $3,599:

  • It is very bulky, and not easily transportable
  • You have to manually adjust the direction of the serve
  • It does not have a random setting 
  • There is no launch button on the machine itself

Sports Tutor Machines

The last competitor we will cover is the Sports Tutor volleyball machines. Much like the Sports Attack machines, Sports Tutor offers a tiered pricing. The Silver starts at $1,279, going up to $1,579 for Silver Pro model, and $,1879 for the Black model. You will notice a lot of similarities with the Sports Attack models. As such, they suffer from similar cons:

  • Expensive entry-level price
  • Balls have to be loaded manually
  • The wheel mechanisms that launch the balls are dangerously exposed
  • The wheels can damage the balls.

However, these machines differ from the Gold model, which is more closely related to The Volleyball Machine in function. Starting at $1,349, and $1,449 with the battery option, the Gold model allows for 6 balls, if you use the extended track, to be automatically released at different intervals ranging from 6 to 20 seconds. However, its wheel mechanisms are also exposed, and it does not have a wireless remote. Furthermore, it puts spin on the balls, which is not ideal when replicating certain game situations. 

The Volleyball Machine

The Volleyball Machine was designed with the intent to not only serve the purpose of practice at home, but it is also an affordable option for sports programs that need something that is safer to operate, affordable, and portable while not sacrificing on design functionality.
The entry level SPRITE Model costs $599.99. This is designed for those who are trying to get some extra practice in but are working on a budget. The entry-level model comes with these features:

  • Lightweight for portability (under 40 lbs.)
  • Can be used anywhere with an outlet (requires air compressor)
  • Adjustable launch angle
  • Adjustable ball launch distance
  • Adjustable REP intervals
  • 5 Ball Feeder
  • Weather Resistant Material

For the serious athletes and clubs, our ELITE Model costs $1,299.99. In comparison to other volleyball machines in this price range, it justifies the added cost with these features:

  • Lightweight for portability (under 60 lbs.)
  • Remote controlled launch angle, ball launch, and REP intervals
  • 8 ball feeder
  • Available with all-terrain wheels
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Smartphone App
  • The balls are never damaged by the machine’s mechanisms
  • There aren’t any exposed wheels that can cause injury
  • The machine will not launch any balls unless there is a ball in the launch chamber
  • It will give off a 2-second light as well as a sound warning before launching a ball
  • It can do lob serves from center court
  • Comes with an adjustable power knob on the machine itself

As you can see, The Volleyball Machine brings together competitive pricing without sacrificing design features. Whether you want to practice at home or bring it to practice to help the entire team grow together, The Volleyball Machine can take any player’s game to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about the product and how you can get your hands on your very own Volleyball Machine.